I’m going through some major life transitions, so forgive me for the lack of posting. I miss writing, but time and priorities don’t always really permit me to have focused writing time.

I wanted to share something somewhat short though because it’s helped me A LOT, especially during these new life adjustments.

My dear brother, who knows me well, helped me realize something awesome. I hadn’t viewed something in this way before, intentionally anyway.

I was expressing to him how I was feeling, the distractions and so much noise bombarding my life lately. How I just wanted Jesus, but life seemed to be getting in the way and I was losing focus. He responded out of his own personal experience and it was exactly what I needed to hear. The Lord certainly used him and I’m grateful. I think it’s something everyone should hear, so I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing some of what he said.

Life gives distractions. Lean on Him and look for Him in your life, He’s there too. Set aside time for quiet, but look for Him all around. Imagine those times as “dates” and imagine the rest of the distracting parts as if he is experiencing them with you. It brings personability to a Jesus who IS right there regardless of our focus.

I enjoy my one-on-one time with the Lord, but when I feel like I’m losing those times, I often foolishly feel I’m somehow failing Him or neglecting our relationship. This then becomes all about ME, doesn’t it?

My brother helped put everything into perspective in such a short but potent reply. It’s true that we shouldn’t neglect those quiet times alone with the Lord, but those are more like “dates”… it’s like in human relationships, you can’t always just be on a date – there’s work that comes into play, responsibility, life, etc. He doesn’t expect us to just sit with Him all the time, He also wants us to walk with Him.

I had a date with Jesus at 5am this morning because that’s the only time I’m finding I can be alone with Him, but He was still with me even in the loudness of the day’s activities and events. He is still there, regardless of where my focus is at the moment. It’s a humbling and beautiful realization. It keeps me fixated on the Cross and the Person, Jesus… my best friend.

Find the good “date” times, but don’t be like me and forget He’s still there in the life activities… He’s experiencing them with you.

Thank you, Bryan, for being a vessel for Jesus to speak through to get to me. I love you.