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I’ve debated whether or not I should include a section on here about “ME”, the writer. Since I’d rather not be the focal point of this whole journey and this life is not about me. Yet you, the reader, may like to have more of a connection since you’ve taken the time to read my writing after all.

Jesus Christ is my foundation and only reason for living. I very much hope that my writing will convey that, no matter what I’m going through. He captivated my heart when I was 17 years old (and still continues to do so on a regular basis).

I don’t know a whole lot of religious doctrine, although I grew up speaking fluent Christianese. I know that nothing “good” comes from me except that which was given to me by God, so that means I can only turn everything right back around to praise Him. I am not my own. I desperately need and love Jesus!

I’ve been through a lot in my short life, especially in more recent years where my heart has been nearly destroyed a few times. I’ve dealt with deep heartache and pain. I’ve wandered from the Lord on many occasions. Yet I always end up returning to Him.

I get frustrated with complications in my relationship with Jesus because I already complicate things enough as it is. So I don’t like to speak or act in “super-spiritual” mode because I believe it can often distract or intimidate people. I prefer to brood on the Cross and just BE in and with my First Love, Jesus Christ. He’s my aim and the only uncomplicated thing in my heart and life – and the things I say and do stem from this goal.

I am an imperfect, messed up, sinful person who can only rely on the grace of God given me by the glorious redeeming Cross. So even if I flip into writing things that are complicated or not fully in line with the truth, I always want to go back to the central purpose for my writing and the reason behind everything I desire: Jesus. I want to abandon all of my life and pursue Him with pure devotion and genuine adoration. I also want to display this authentically to the world.

This life of mine is an intimate dance with my Savior (a description I borrowed from my brother). Sometimes I don’t know the steps, or I miss-step, or I try to lead… but all the while Jesus is holding me and dancing with me. He’s so amazing! :)

A few random facts about “me”:

  • Apparently I’m an enneagram 2w1, and have the gift of mercy (hyper-empath) – so I’m crazy sensitive…
  • I daily want to learn the meaning and true nature of washing feet and loving unconditionally.
  • I think being a missionary would be one of the coolest things ever and something I’d love to do with my entire life.
  • I love to serve! God teaches me more each day how to REALLY serve and love someone like He does (what a difficult process for an imperfect human).
  • I’m passionate about family and healthy relationships, people with disabilities, orphans, poor & destitute, hungry, widows, abandoned, sick, hurting, unloved, broken, needy, helpless, forgotten humans who Christ hangs out with.
  • I’m a little excessive and eccentric… passionate and eclectic make better adjectives though.
  • I’ve been called a hippy and gypsy, plus “awkward”, “weird”, and “intense”. I’m unconventional in a lot of ways.
  • I hate facebook and almost all forms of social media. I know hate is a strong word, but I have a strong opinion and conviction as to why, ask me about it sometime if you really want to know…
  • I give way too many thumbs ups, especially in photos.
  • I smile and laugh a lot, even when I’m in pain or uncomfortable.
  • I like various types of music. Oh! And kittens, high fives, and definitely hugs!
  • I ache for a life of adventure in the out-of-doors! I love being immersed in God’s glorious creation in that organic, raw, natural setting and I like to take others there with me! I really enjoy mountains as well.
  • My favorite work setting is camp!
  • I gave my heart to Jesus at a camp in the mountains.
  • I’m totally into holistic health and healing!
  • One of my favorite things to do is walk through the grass barefoot! Do it often; it’s fantastic!
  • I’m a fan of recreation and recreational therapy because I believe it makes intangible concepts more tangible for individuals and forces us to be more real. I also feel that it can be an incredible tool for sharing about the Kingdom of God and the Father’s heart!

Yet all of this about me doesn’t matter unless I am identified with God’s interests. I want to be crucified with Christ, so that my “individuality” is broken and my “personality” is united with Him. Daily denial of myself, take up my cross, and follow after Him with uncompromising intensity! Luke 9:23…

Thanks for taking the time to get to know a little more about me! :)  *high fives and thumbs ups all around*

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