So yesterday, the following song was the last music I listened to before closing up the day. I listened to it multiple times. It’s one of my favorites and I bought an entire CD just to have this song. I hadn’t listened to it in a while though and it popped into my head, so I wanted to listen to it. It was hitting me so deeply again. I just sat there listening and soaking in the pure truth of the song – Jesus… on the cross.

I think God has been bringing me back to this point with Him. Just a few days ago, I was reading something that struck me so hard and He’s continued His penetration by reminding me daily. I think re-listening to this song confirmed it even more. Just Jesus. Man! How we lose sight of Him so quickly when life gets busy or tiresome or we get stuck in trying to live out “Christianity” by our activities.

Before I share the song, I want to share the thing I re-read. It’s from My Utmost for His Highest (typical, I know – but a lot of Oswald Chambers stuff is so intense and so Jesus-focused!):

When you are face to face with a soul in difficulty, remind yourself of Jesus Christ on the Cross. If that soul can get to God on any other line, then the Cross of Jesus Christ is unnecessary. If you can help others by your sympathy or understanding, you are a traitor to Jesus Christ.

These statements hit me so hard, because so often I try to help others by my sympathy or understanding. I’ll confess it’s sometimes easy for me to forget Jesus Christ on the Cross. I live in a world where things have to be understood or explained and there’s supposedly a way to help someone outside of Christ. Physically, there may be – but if I’ve left it there… then I’m a traitor to Jesus Christ. If I try to help someone out of my own empathy, sympathy and understanding – then what “good” am I actually doing? Am I serving them really?

Jesus Christ on the Cross. YES! What a beautiful scandalous often incomprehensible thing!!! Who brings real life to a soul in difficulty? Jesus! Who brings real freedom? Jesus! Who bring real change? Jesus! Who brings real help? Jesus! How does this happen? Jesus Christ on the Cross! It was SO necessary!

I want to just cry tears of pure joy right now! Just because of Jesus. If we could but grasp and hold onto Him alone! Hug the cross so tightly and around His feet so we become splintered and where His blood can wash over us. What a beautiful Man! What a beautiful Savior! What a beautiful Lord! What a beautiful Lover of our souls!

Why is it I get so caught up in other things in my life? Why do I so easily lose sight of this beautiful Man?! He calls to us daily to come just to Him, but we so often ignore Him. He pursues us constantly! He wants to be with us. We should want to be with Him.

“Arise, come, my darling; my beautiful one, come with me.” – Song of Songs 2:10 (or 13)

I woke up this morning and this was the first music I listened to. Like yesterday, this song just popped into my head although I haven’t listened to it in a while. I’m listening to it still even now. Over and over. This one IS my all time favorite song. I cannot, by physical definition and what people would consider graceful, dance. Yet, I still do. My feet are beautiful to Him, my dance is beautiful because it’s for and with Him. What beautiful love this is! Soak this song in… really. Be with just Jesus. Believe in and adore this Man, because He adores you!