My love for you may falter, His love for you won’t. It will never falter, never fail, never end. So when I’m caught up in how HE loves you – I can love you right since it is through Him and since He is love, it is therefore unconditional and unceasing. Since love covers a multitude of sins then (1 Peter 4:8), by clinging to the definition of True Love (Jesus Christ) and the Author of love, it’s is the only way to go; then your failures, your sins, your ugly, your darkness, all the creepy nasty areas of your heart and life are yet covered… there is a love beyond all of what is in our fleshly nature that penetrates and changes us. This is how we ought to love one another – 1 John 4:7-19. It’s the Jesus kind of love that convicts and rearranges us. Then we’re connected at the soul, spirit and heart because we share in the mutual love and mercy that came down and bore our shame on a Cross. So in essence, when I love you through Him and you love me through Him, since He knows us both better than the other person ever fully could by themselves, He’ll be able to show us how to love and express love to each other His way.

I want to be so caught up in HIS love for you that it changes me and affects how I truly view and love you as well. So then, I always have to rely upon Him, the love He poured out on the Cross, and His way of doing things. Bottom line, no compromise – Jesus.