I wrote the following poem/story for my brother’s birthday last year. It’s a little incomplete because I was short on time… maybe I’ll finish it one day. Felt like sharing it. :)

Once upon a time, lived a boy of great dreams
He would take these old things to epic extremes.
Many would say he had his head in the clouds,
But the boy was so prone to not listen to crowds.
Though this foolish crowd had so much to say,
The boy was untouched by their silly cliché.

Each day of his life, the boy would dream a new dream
He would tell everyone and his face would just beam.
They all thought him silly and unrealistic,
But the boy only wanted to be altruistic.
He shared all his dreams in hopes to bring hope
To his dark gloomy town called Villa de Mope.

One day, as a stranger was strolling through town,
He did not pay attention and knocked the boy down.
As he turned to the boy, he felt tears fill his eyes
The people were laughing, to his great surprise.
He asked the young boy if he was alright,
The boy simply grinned with perfect delight.
The stranger went on his way feeling odd,
Then fell to His knees; started talking to God.

The boy was deaf, you see, he was crippled and blind.
He had dreams of a reality of a much different kind.
For the only one voice that the boy ever heard,
Came from a Man who’d always kept His word.
The Man spoke to the boy of how life should be
“Walk with me, and you will begin to see”.

So the boy of great dreams did as he was told
He walked with the Man, till the days he was old
He heard only the Man’s voice, not ever the crowd
Though sometimes they can be so awfully loud.

The stranger we know from the story thereof
Went deaf too, but received a heart full of love
He began to listen to the Man’s voice as well
“Walk with me and in my house you will dwell”

So do not lose heart, but simply listen to His voice
Like the boy, let’s go deaf and make Jesus our choice.