Sacred Romance

Friday, March 28, 2014

I was ruined, wrecked, destroyed for anything ordinary.

The day that happened was on July 1st, 2005. I finally understood what real is, what truth is, what love is… on that day… and I felt it touch and penetrate the very depths of my soul. A sacred divine relationship fashioned and experienced tangibly without explanation. I knew I didn’t deserve it either… but here it was, this authentic romantic relationship shared with the likes of me.

Naturally, I’m done for… ruined in my experiences on earth. I can’t live on this planet settling for anything less. Nothing else truly satisfies me more while simultaneously makes me yearn and grow desperate for even more of it. I always come back to this place, to this Man, to this sacred Heart and romance that I never fully comprehend. It’s beautiful. It’s pure. It’s real and authentic. It’s relentless. It’s summed up in a name far too precious to haphazardly utter, though I say the name so often.

The awe and wonder of such romance. The mystery and excitement. Can I ever fully describe such a love? I don’t believe so.

How often have I tried to articulate to others why I can’t, won’t, and don’t just simply enter into a relationship with a man here on earth and carry the title of “girlfriend”? It’s becoming less and less often these days, because I think people have begun to recognize that I’m just odd and don’t follow the norm of society with this.

The reason I don’t follow the social or earthly norm is because of what I described above… I fell in love that day with a Man who already filled that ache and longing in my heart, so I won’t settle for any other man that is outside of who He says it is. I am already involved in one sacred romance.

Call me a silly heart or dreamer, but I hold this value and belief that good romance on earth can only be fashioned in heaven first. I have this picture in my head of hearts being tied together in the spiritual realm where God operates and He’s the one who brings or brought those two hearts together. Then they are bound by His handy-work in an artistic display of love to express who He is to the world.

Why wouldn’t it work this way? The Author and Creator of romance would totally want to have an integral role in how it played out, right? I like to think He cares about this stuff more deeply than we give Him credit for. Instead, we like to take romance into our own hands as if we’re the experts as it…

Let’s have a sacred romance with the righteous King of our hearts! Then give Him back the right to work out the details of an earthly romance. Then since it’s in His hands, that romance become sacred and sanctified too.

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