Thoughtful Thursday

So, I deleted my facebook (again) this morning.  Feels good to be free of it again. I spent over a year without it and just a couple weeks ago went back to it.  Just isn’t appealing anymore and I’d rather keep in touch with people on a more personal level than broadcast random attention grabbing bits of life.  I prefer the written letter approach, or writing blogs. Twitter is also fun without being excessive, so I still have that.

Anyway, also – the title is kind of joking.  I was coming up with a bunch of random adjectives to describe the days of the week so that I could come up with some interesting blog titles and “themes” for a work blog I’ll be doing later on. Came up with some good ones, but haven’t gotten it organized yet since I haven’t a blog focus.

I need to get my focus back onto the Lord. I’ve neglected our relationship for many months now because of some difficulties and distractions. I miss Him, and am saddened by how I’ve hurt Him. I’m hoping the no facebook approach and the better focus on the tasks I need to complete for the day will push me closer toward desiring Him again.

I need to write. You can always tell if something’s not right in “Brittney’s world” when I’m not writing… and I’ve been stagnant in this area for quite a while… I write to God normally, but I haven’t done that in so long. Then I like to write about Him, which I haven’t done either for a longer time.  Writing is my favorite means of expression.  I guess since I’m very much introverted, it helps me clear everything out.  It’s one of the few areas where I’m creative, while the rest of me is typically mathmatic and stiff.

Just some random thought-age for the day. Gotta move on to other things now.


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