I’m a bit pensive this evening. Perhaps because it is finally the weekend and I can take a breath and try to relax.

As I’ve begun to relax, stuff starts bubbling up as I begin to “process”. I tend to just go go go through the week and not process until I actually stop and breathe. I wrote a few brief things out via “tweets”…

I miss writing… just getting things out in written form aids in letting go of my week, sins, temptations, fears, frustrations, etc… I think the second from the bottom of these brief poetic statements expresses it best.

Journal my heart, till you’re no longer miscarried by the whims of your deceptions held tight and thus buried.

The statement actually surprises me a little that I wrote it. It sounds foreign and odd. It’s how I’m feeling though… I don’t know if anyone outside of myself can interpret it or if it makes much sense. It’s just what I felt this evening as I processed through my week and the “why am I here?’s”.

Then the real reason why I’m “processing”:

Precarious heart fall into His grace. Your beating life entwined with love. Be wary as you walk this place. Seek first the Kingdom of above.

I’ll try to write more later… for now, I need to rest – maybe that is all God is really wanting me to do. Rest in His arms.

Shabbat Shalom.