I feel like the Lord is calling me back to write on here again… it’s been quite a long time since I’ve really written and I’ve been through quite a dry spell which makes it hard to write. I’m not out of the wilderness yet, there is still more He wants to reveal and teach me, but I feel the words welling up within me again to share.

I don’t know what it is He will want me to write, but I feel like He wants me to be more in-tune with His heart as I write, rather than to just write for the sake of sharing.  I will be less haphazard and more prayerful.  I will still pour my heart out, but I want that to be a pouring of genuine truth and by His Spirit rather than merely my human understanding of things.  Only He can give truth, wisdom, knowledge, and revelation… so I no longer want to take that for granted or believe that I can share without bringing things under His truth and authority.  He is my King, and I want to be reverent in my writing and expressing of His heart as He cultivates His image in me.

A lot has happened in the past couple of years of my life.  It’s been a roller coaster.  I have been more self-consumed and selfish than I ever imagined was possible. I’ve even fallen out of fellowship and intimacy with my Father.  But the Lord has poured His grace out all over me in ways I never imagined as well.  He’s humbling me to recognize even deeper my desperate need for Him, and how very wicked and sinful I am, but how marvelous He is and the beauty of redemption that comes through the Cross and His precious blood.

That is all I desire to say at this time, we shall see where He guides me on this online journal from here on out.