The Lord has me slowly transitioning out of a tough season of life.

I’ve been deceived by my own wild and uncertain emotions for a long time. I’ve analyzed circumstances and my own feelings so much that it had taken me down a lonely, self-absorbed, and dark path.

Yet within that season, God’s grace was still sufficient. Looking back with fresh eyes, I’ve learned and grown in ways that I didn’t think I had.

The Lord has been teaching me about identity through that season… and He is continuing to teach me in this new one.

He’s also taught me about the importance of community/fellowship, and the role it has in healing and growing up in Him.

Additionally, He’s taught me more and more about the importance of rest and abiding… wow, is this important!

Each of these areas seem so basic, so foundational, in the Christian walk, yet I still know so little about them. He’s teaching me more in depth of their value and relation to the Kingdom of Heaven.

I hope that He’ll soon give me the words to share very specifically on each, but for now I’m just going to leave this entry as it is – with thankfulness and praising the one true God, Yahweh, for His faithfulness and truth!